Tara Tassel Earrings - Maroon



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Tara Earrings features an elegant setting of glistening beads, effortlessly falling in a mood of their own. Sweep back your hair to let them sparkle in the light. 

All items are carefully handcrafted in BEGADA'S studio, using Premium Quality materials.

Delivery : 7 - 8 Working Days

* Model image for size reference only

Want a customised colour ? Mail us at mail@cultcurtaors.com for colour options. Depending on availability, they can be made in matte black, gun metal, gold, grey, matte maroon, pink, white, aqua blue, light blue etc. 

The Tara Tassel Earrings are best-sellers here at Cult Curators. Being obstinate about achieving perfect looks, we upgraded the technical design a little to make it absolutely sinfully stunning. The price as a result changed too. In case you checked in with us on the earlier prices, we thought we should let you know we are always working towards making sure we give you what we promised - an absolutely STATEMENT piece of jewellery.